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Today, today's leading companies are striving to engage with individuals that can impact their business. Karrot offers the tools necessary to increase engagement, keep your brand top of mind and be relevant. From strategy and design to API intergeneration, Karrot gives you all the tools needed to power your business.

Program Design & Strategy

We assist companies to developing a cohesive engagement and loyalty strategy.

Branded Loyalty & Incentive Portals

Dedicated portal to engage your audience, drive engagement and provide direct incentives.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Create brand evangelists with a subset of loyal individuals. Provide a branded portal to engage your ambassadors with specific social activities. Add custom incentives to drive engagement.

Karrot Engine API Integration

Integrate directly to measure activity, drive engagement, provide an incentive currency and creative rewards.


Utilize Karrot's global fulfillment capabilities for retail store maintenance items, to procure and fulfill branded swag or promotion rewards, warehouse POP displays or enable B-Stock liquidation.

& EPP Programs

Allow an audience to purchase products at a discount.
Product ownership = brand advocacy!

The Power of Incentives

There are 3 factors underlying an individual's behavior:

Why Karrots

Why Use Karrots?

Karrot provides the motivation and trigger for a behavior. Your target audience my have the ability to carry out the behavior. Do they have the proper motivation to want to perform the behavior? Is there a trigger to prompt them to take the action?

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