Sales Associate Brand Ambassador Program

Create brand evangelists with a subset of loyal individuals. Karrot Rewards can provide a branded portal to engage your ambassadors with specific social activities. Add custom incentives to drive engagement.

One of the most powerful tools in marketing is word of mouth.

Studies have shown 67% of purchases are influenced by a salesperson and engaged sales associates are 75% more likely to share a great product experience.

You have loyal & passionate sales associates who care about your brand. Adopting them in an official brand ambassador program is only going to make them more productive for your brand.

A sales associate brand ambassador program builds a community.

Having a community of passionate brand ambassadors who are excited about your brand and vision as you are is a powerful and impactful community to have. You don't have to do all the sharing. They will. When you have a product launch or a campaign, you can mobilize this community to pass that along to their network. They will help spread the word about your products and brand in a much more personal and passionate way to their friends, family and network.

In order to keep them engaged and to get the most impact, you need to give them both the right support and the right incentive.

Karrot Rewards can assist with both!
Why Choose a Sales Associate Brand Ambassador Program?

Get the most impact from your most loyal and passionate sales associate. Organize them into a community.

Essential Features
  • Program Website — Custom Branding and Private Community
  • Social Campaigns— Create and distribute target social campaigns that your ambassadors they can participate in.
  • Point Earning — Measure your ambassador participation and activity. Reward them for it!!
  • Integrated Rewards — From Swag to your brand's products, offer them a tangible reward for their work
  • Ambassador Support — Online and Phone With Skilled Representatives
  • Program Management — Professional, Experienced Management Team
  • Effective Reporting — Detailed, Real-Time Reporting Options

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