Karrot Rewards API

Integrate directly with Karrot Rewards via API. Karrot Rewards' APIs and unmatched functionality help you improve engagement, reward individuals and drive loyalty.

Karrot Rewards provides everything you need to create quick and effective motivation and loyalty.

Use Karrot's engine to keep track of such items as:

  • User Activity
  • Training Completions
  • Resource Downloads
  • Social Media Activity
  • Sales
  • Tax Compliance

Integrate items into your application such as:

  • Points
  • Spiffs
  • Promotions
  • Reward Catalogs
  • Images
  • Fulfillment
Integrated into your tools

Karrot's API can integrated natively inside your applications, so wherever your audience is, we’re there to increase engagement.

Do you have an application that you would like to turbocharge to increase engagement or add a reward system?

We've built the Karrot Rewards' API to fit easily and seamlessly into your application or workflow. We want to make it easy for your development team. Our philosophy to conform to your workflow rather than have your team change their approach. This shortens the time to launch and internal resources needed.

Designed and Optimized to Fit Within Your Workflow

Tie directly into Karrot Rewards' API to run your loyalty and engagement program. Unleash the power of our engine and feel the results!

We Power Premium Loyalty, Learning & Sales Programs

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