Program Design & Strategy

We assist companies to developing a cohesive engagement and loyalty strategy. Karrot assists companies in breaking down silos to create a truly customer centric experience.

We're helping brands be relevant

That's brought into focus with the changes in the retail landscape, technology, marketplaces and the like. Many companies have a healthy budget when it comes to an engagement program. Are they getting the bang for their buck? Is their program a competitive differentiator?

We help companies answer the above questions and ones like:

  • How do you develop relationships with your audience?
  • How do you increase engagement?
  • How are you driving behaviors that are not only meaningful to you but that are meaningful to your audience?

That audience can be different. For brands, it's looking at engaging sales associates who we know can impact and influence the purchase decisions of consumers. Increased sales associate engagement leads to increased sales performance. For retailers, it is engaging and developing relationships with consumers.

We understand individuals will rewards brands that engage with them to create a relationship specifically who loyalty programs, those who personalize their experience and echo their values.

For Karrot Rewards, it's all about the loyalty program. Loyalty programs are paramount to that relationship.

When we talk about loyalty programs, it's more than points or discounts. It's rewarding individuals with better experiences and building more meaningful relationships.

That's where Karrot Rewards help companies in developing programs that are about a relationship that an individuals wants to bring into their everyday life.

Are you?
  1. Getting to know the individual across channels and working across disciplines?
  2. Rewarding incremental engagement not just what you assume?
  3. Working on developing the relationship, measuring that beyond just sales?
  4. Using emerging technology to personalize the rewards and perks to the individual?
If you answered any of the questions with a "NO", talk to Karrot Rewards!

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