Reward Types

Multiple rewards are available to maximize the effectiveness of your program for your desired audience. 


Brand’s Products

Include your own products and swag as the program reward. This allows you to put your brand’s products into the hands of the sales associates recommending and selling it on the floor. 


Merchandise Rewards

Partner can include a handful or rewards to thousands of reward options.  

E-Gift Card

Karrot offers a vast array of retail and travel gift card options for the United States. Electronic gift cards can be fulfilled immediately in real-time to the recipient in an email that is customized to the brand.  

Travel Rewards

Karrot can provide individual travel awards and group travel incentive trips for top sales people nationwide.

Virtual Visa Cards

Deliver Visa cards electronically directly to the recipient worldwide

Branded Prepaid Cards

Brand a reloadable Visa card that remains in the purse or wallet of your program participant.

Direct to Bank Deposits

Deposit cash reward directly into an individual’s bank account available internationally.