Employee Purchase Programs

Give partners preferred pricing for your products to build familiarity.

Also known as “accommodations programs,”

Employee Purchase Programs provide a sales associates the opportunity to purchase the brand’s products. Normally, at a significant discount.

The goal is to get products into the hands of sales associates.  Make them users of the product to influence the sale. They can easily say, “This is what I have in my house.” or “This is what I use.” 

Brands can offer different discounts by retailer and role. This allows for segmentation of the program and emphasis on specific partners.

  • Greater the discount the greater the likelihood an sales associate will purchase the product.
  • This program can be used universally.  
  • Especially useful in retailers which do not allow incentives based upon sales or commissions on their floor.

Why Choose Employee Purchase?

Employee purchase programs build product and brand familiarity with your sales associates by making products available with preferred pricing. An employee purchase program helps your sales force win sales and demonstrate value to consumers.

Essential Features

  • Program Website — Custom Branding and Private, Participant-Only Access
  • Discount Codes — Provide Codes From Your Retail Website
  • E-Commerce Product Catalog — Optional Order Fulfillment
  • Participant Support — Online and Phone With Skilled Representatives
  • Program Management — Professional, Experienced Management Team
  • Effective Reporting — Detailed, Real-Time Reporting Options