Points for Products

Reward and motivate associates for specific behaviors.

Points for Product programs are very effective in rewarding and incenting for various type of behaviors. Points can be awarded for completion of training modules and even for sales. 

Points can be accumulated or purchased (if allowed) for the redemption of various reward which can include:

    Your Brand’s Products

    Various Merchandise Rewards

    E-Gift Cards

Points for Product promotions can prove to be more versatile than an employee purchase program. For example, you can weight training modules to reward additional points or other activities such as sharing a tweet. Additionally, a brand can assign different points reward table by retailer.  There are endless possibilities.

  • Provides greater flexibility and segmentation
  • Can be used to reward sales in retailers which allow commissions on the sales floor.
  • Become very creative in how you structure the program.
  • Take into consideration the earning potential of individuals. You want to ensure individuals have an opportunity to quickly earn enough points to redeem rewards.
  • Anytime you shorten the time frame between behavior and reward you have a more effective program.

Why Choose Points For Product?

We recommend points for product programs for their ability to directly and immediately impact sales and develop brand loyalty with your sales associates. Points for product programs provide clear insight into your sales force and encourage specific results.

Essential Features

  • Program Website — Custom Branding and Private, Participant-Only Access
  • Point Earning — Import Sales Data or Manual Claim Submission (With Validation)
  • E-Commerce Product Catalog — Optional Order Fulfillment and Point Purchasing
  • Participant Support — Online and Phone With Skilled Representatives
  • Program Management — Professional, Experienced Management Team
  • Effective Reporting — Detailed, Real-Time Reporting Options