Channel Sales Incentive Programs

Give sales representative direct incentives for sales

Sales incentive programs are an effective way to directly reward sales. We commonly refer to these programs as “Do This - Get That”.  Each time a sales representative makes a sale, they earn a reward.  This can be expanded to include sales engineers and managers.

Reward which can include:

    Reloadable Branded Debit Card

    Merchandise Rewards

    Travel Incentives

Multi-Concurrent Programs can be administered through a single platform. That allows you to have distinct promotions for distributors, direct dealers and indirect dealers.

  • Individual sales representatives can enter sales online
  • Sales claims are validated by Karrot. If required, invoices or receipts can be directly sent to Karrot via upload, mobile phone or fax.  
  • Cash is King
  • Take into consideration the earning potential of individuals. You want to ensure individuals are motivated to sell.
  • Anytime you shorten the time frame between behavior and reward you have a more effective program.