Channel Incentives & Partner Programs

Engage Channel Partners Directly

Channel Partner Programs are an effective way to directly engage an audience to obtain a desired behavior. How would you like to engage your partners?

Some common behaviors are:

  • Sales

  • Training

  • Use of Marketing Tools

  • Deal Registration

  • Access to Sales and Marketing Resources

  • Appointment Setting

  • Rebates

  • Compliance

  • and many more…

When it comes to channel incentive programs, we commonly liken them to “Do This - Get That”.  For example, each time a sales representative makes a sale, they earn a reward.  This can be expanded to include sales engineers, marketing contacts and managers.

Reward which can include:

    Reloadable Branded Debit Card

    Merchandise Rewards

    Travel Incentives

    Gift Cards

Multi-Concurrent Programs can be administered through a single platform. That allows you to have distinct promotions for all your partners including: retailers, distributors, direct dealers and indirect dealers.

  • Individual sales representatives can enter sales online

  • Sales claims are validated by Karrot. If required, invoices or receipts can be directly sent to Karrot via upload, mobile phone or fax.

  • Cash is King

  • Take into consideration the earning potential of individuals. You want to ensure individuals are motivated to sell.

  • Anytime you shorten the time frame between behavior and reward you have a more effective program.