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Olympus Rewards

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Olympus America Inc.
Program Name:
Olympus Rewards

Olympus Rewards Program


- Branded Incentive Portal
- Sales Claims
- Cash Rewards
- Brand's Product Reward Catalog

Olympus helps to capture life’s precious moments. Their Consumer Products Business expands the boundaries of product design and functionality, empowering consumers and professionals alike with innovative digital cameras, lenses, audio recorders and binoculars – opening up new possibilities with precision optics and groundbreaking technologies.

Olympus utilizes Karrot to provide a branded incentive portal to reward sales associates for selling Olympus products.

Sales associates can register online to participate in the rewards program. Individuals earn cash spiffs for sales of Olympus cameras and lenses upon proper sales validation. Olympus provides a direct feed into Karrot's system for validation. Validation includes product serial numbers. Karrot provides addition check for serial number duplications.
Upon earning a cash spiff, the individual receives a branded reloadable debit card. Every time an individual earns a cash spiff, the spiff is directly deposited into their card.
The rewards include Olympus own products. As the sales associates are in the photography themselves, the ability to own an Olympus product is a great incentive! User's can use their cash spiffs to redeem for Olympus products at a discount.
All individuals need to do is view the current incentive promotion, sell Olympus and earn cash rewards.

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